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Haru Sakura &White Tea Eau de Toilette/Herbal Essence

This eau de toilette was created by the spring morning atmosphere,which drink a sweet herbal tea in spring blooming cherry garden.It can bring a fruit sweet and pink happiness aroma. This eau de toilette is different from the fragrance of the workshop and the chemical additive perfume. It is a natural non-irritating formula.

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Haru Sakura &White Tea Eau de Toilette/Herbal Essence

In the spring morning I put on a Kashmir sweater and hold a cup of hot tea in my hand,walked into the green forest,unconsciously try to find the spring cherry.

In the way the aroma of apples and berries lead me to the mountains.I met the white and elegant lily of the valley, then the violet with soft pink.Close to the hill,the cherry blossoms fluttered with the wind,fill with the enthusiasm of the colorful and surrounded me by reddish peony,These fragrances are a unique happiness ,appeals spring cherry to make you full of rose feelings.


Alcohol,Cedrat,Raspberry,Muguet,Cucumber,Green Apple,Peony,Cherry Blossom,Rose Otto,Violet,Tea Leaf,White Amber,Sandalwood,Ambrette Seed,Musk Enssential Oils.


Spray mist in body for natural aroma,best to store it at room temperature in a dry place and away from sunlight.

Famaily Products: Solid perfume 10g

Expiration time: 3 years
Volumn: 10ml
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