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Fujisan Travel Eau de Toilette/Herbal Essence

This eau de toilette was designed by inspiration of Fujisan when
visiting the representative of Japan(Fuji mountain).It let you feel peaceful as a fresh air and warm spring smell. This eau de toilette is different from the fragrance of the workshop and the chemical additive perfume. It is a natural non-irritating formula.

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Fujisan Travel Eau de Toilette/Herbal Essence

Sunrise, mist, high cold air.
Volcanoes, hot springs, sulphur.
When arrived the hotel of Kawaguchiko Lake in Mt.Fuji,fill woody fragrance of Hinoki in the air.


Then climbed first and go through the forest,then the air is gradually cold.The volcanic soil and gravel stepped on the foot,emit the smell of minerals,the residual snow and ice melting. For me,it was the silence of the volcano sleeping,with no expression.Until the summit, I was fascinated with the exquisite scenery,which like Baroque music,with echoing and treble.

Exclusive woody tones of cedar and hinoki which have a regulating effect on the nervous system,aromatic lavender and geranium accompanied with sweet lemon,will remind us to strive yourself. The fragrance is a unique combination, just like Mt.Fuji is a symbol of Japan to encourage you and me.

Famaily products: solid perfume 8g& 10g


Bee Wax Macadamia Oil JOJOBA OIL Triolein Phenoxyethanol,Triethyl Citrate,
Lemon,Hinoki,Pine Needle,Frankincense,Juniper Berry,Lavender,Geranium,Lily of the Valley,Jasmine,White Amber,Musk,Patchouli,Leather,Oakmoss,Vetiver
Bourbon,Cedar Atlas,Cedar Virginian Enssential Oils.


Spray mist in body for natural aroma,best to store it at room temperature in a dry place and away from sunlight.

Expiration time: 3 years
Weight: 8g
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Made In Taiwan



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