https://www.journee.com.tw/en/contact.html journee Co., ltd https://www.journee.com.tw/en/images/corpimg.png 1F., No. 2, Ln.70, Renhe Rd., East Dist., Tainan City 701,Taiwan,R.O.C $ 06-269-9019 @font-face{font-family:DFT_TX-XMCYL;src: url('https://hosting.url.com.tw/vhadmin/url_fonts/DFT_TX-XMCYL.eot');src: url('https://hosting.url.com.tw/vhadmin/url_fonts/DFT_TX-XMCYL.eot?#iefix') format('embedded-opentype'),url('https://hosting.url.com.tw/vhadmin/url_fonts/DFT_TX-XMCYL.woff') format('woff');}@font-face{font-family:DFT_XXH-ZMSYC;src: url('https://hosting.url.com.tw/vhadmin/url_fonts/DFT_XXH-ZMSYC.eot');src: url('https://hosting.url.com.tw/vhadmin/url_fonts/DFT_XXH-ZMSYC.eot?#iefix') format('embedded-opentype'),url('https://hosting.url.com.tw/vhadmin/url_fonts/DFT_XXH-ZMSYC.woff') format('woff');}@font-face{font-family:DFT_XD-ASSXC;src: url('https://hosting.url.com.tw/vhadmin/url_fonts/DFT_XD-ASSXC.eot');src: url('https://hosting.url.com.tw/vhadmin/url_fonts/DFT_XD-ASSXC.eot?#iefix') format('embedded-opentype'),url('https://hosting.url.com.tw/vhadmin/url_fonts/DFT_XD-ASSXC.woff') format('woff');}Journee Co.ltd. When we are to be parents first, we are always eager to seek professional answers to any questions about the baby. We are the same, no exception. We are remember that our baby is a few months old, all kinds of skin problems with unclear reasons, under the pressure of the child's crying every night, can only follow the advice of the doctor to wipe the "no stimulation" moisturizing lotion. Add "non-irritating" bath oil to their bath to increase their skin's ability to moisturize and keep skin dry.       Then we have consulted a lot of books and look for non-irritating cleaning products. As a result, our baby crying less and more day and night, and skin allergies continues to be improved. Since then, we have a new understanding to care of our baby.     l  Avoid products containing flavors and synthesis fragrancesl  Avoid detergents that contain irritating bases.When we purchase bath suppliers of child, we always pay close attention to the careful screening of its ingredients, and also hope our customers to give their children and their families a pure, natural and pollution-free environment.Business philosophyGive our customers ‘s child & family a pure, natural, non-polluting environment. Journee Ltd.Co. develop and manufacture a series of cleaning and skin care products for customers with natural plant extract bases to develop a healthy living environment and youthful appearance of customers, and enrich the beautiful life of customers.
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Address:1F., No. 2, Ln.70, Renhe Rd., East Dist., Tainan City 701,Taiwan,R.O.C (Full display google map)

journee Co., ltd
Address:1F., No. 2, Ln.70, Renhe Rd., East Dist., Tainan City 701,Taiwan,R.O.C
1F., No. 2, Ln.70, Renhe Rd., East Dist.,  Tainan City 701,Taiwan,R.O.C
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